About Us

Alaia’s Café & Cigar Shoppe, Pensacola, FL
If you love cigars, you are welcome to Alaia's Cafe & Cigar Shoppe. Even if you are a non-smoker, you are welcome to our cafe for your favorite cup of coffee. At our Pensacola Cafe, we have crafted a sophisticated environment for both cigar lovers and non-smokers, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious atmosphere with contemporary lighting, comfy seating, beautiful artwork, and a relaxing environment. It is not just our selection of cigars and coffee that will keep you and your friends engaged, we also offer Latin food/cuisine and Spanish food.

Our Cigars Selection

Our selection of cigars is inspired by a wide range of authentic cultures including Cuban specialties. Our inspiration comes from the most coveted cigar lounges from around the world and we strive to offer a varied taste that meets everyone’s needs and the culture of tobacco in the area. Our comfortable and cozy humidor allows you to choose from your favorite selection of sticks.

Some of our popular cigar offerings include New World, Montecristo, Aroma de Cuba, JFR Cigars, Gloria Cubana, Tatascan, and Djarum Little Cigar to name a few.

Our Coffee Selection

Alaia's also introduces you to the finest coffee experience, specially selected to be paired with the rich and full-bodied tobaccos blended in our cigars. Our coffees are sourced from the best locations and roasted using traditional methods and contemporary technology. Our popular coffee offerings include Cuban Style Espresso, Ghirardelli Caramel Latte, Cafe Mocha Latte, Cafe Americano, and House Coffee among others.

Our additional offerings include water bongs, Alfajores, Yerba, Empanadas, and Salpicon. We are a family-friendly lounge and welcome everyone to enjoy the company of their friends and loved ones while savoring your favorite tobacco, coffee, and Spanish food. Our full-fledged coffee bar offers a wide range of other refreshments as well.

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