Our coffee is prepared from carefully sourced beans, expertly roasted combining science and art, and confidently paired by experts in coffee and cigar. Our coffee is of the right roast, made for coffee drinks with a shorter brewing time, thus perfect for espresso machines, Latin food/cuisine, Spanish food, Empanadas, and a smoke. We also offer lighter roasts perfect for the French press coffee drink. When sourcing our coffee, we lay a lot of emphasis on supporting the local producers of the region.

Our Coffee Collection

Coffeee Shop, Pensacola, FL
Stop in and visit us at 4730 N. Davis Hwy, where you can enjoy Latte and Cappuccino, Espresso, Café Frappe, and more. Just like our cigars, every blend of our coffee has its unique and special taste, aroma, and flavor. You can enjoy the following treats on our coffee menu:

  • Espresso: Single Shot Espresso, Cuban Style, Macchiato, and Con Panna
  • Latte & Cappuccino: Ghirardelli Caramel Latte, French Kiss Latte, Almond Mocha Latte, Cafe Mocha Latte, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Chai Tea, and Chai Tea Latte Express
  • Specialty Brew: Cafe Americano, Red Eye, and Black Eye
  • House Staple: House Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Hot Teas

And more. As you enjoy your coffee in our cafe, we also invite you to check out our selection of cigars to enhance your experience.

Carefully Sourced Coffee

At Alaia's, we take pride in our offering of carefully selected coffee that is roasted in-house. Our coffee is sourced from small farms throughout hot coffee destinations in South America and other parts of the world. We source coffee from regions well known globally for their vivid acidity. This includes areas with the right elevation and microclimates. We are committed to finding the finest coffee beans and making them even better without unique roasting methods. We combine modern technology, science, and art to create an unparalleled coffee experience. Our coffee beans are roasted using special methods to ensure the flavor and oxygen remain intact. We make some of the best coffees you can find anywhere.

Why Choose Us?

There are numerous reasons for choosing Alaia's Cafe & Cigar Shoppe for enjoying your favorite coffee with friends and loved ones.

Finest Selection

No one wants to visit different shops to enjoy their favorite variety of coffee and cigars. We have got it all here at Alaia's. From all the finest and most popular tastes and flavors to different recipes, we offer everything under the same roof. Besides, you can also enjoy Latin food/cuisine, Spanish food, Empanadas, Alfajores, and Yerba to treat yourself to a special experience.

Premium Service

Your customer experience is our top priority, and we take the time to create customized experiences. We care about your unique needs and preferences and take the time to speak with every customer.

At Alaia's Cafe & Cigar Shoppe, we offer the best prices for the finest coffee experience you can find in Pensacola and the surrounding areas. If you want to learn more about our coffee offerings, feel free to contact us at 850-607-2220. We will be pleased to answer all your queries.

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